House Of Reese, LLC

​A rocket launching from the inside of a light bulb with the word idea glowing inside the center and breaking through the glass leaving billows of smoke inside the broken bulb



We discuss your needs. Who your audience is. The scope of the project. What you want accomplished. What message(s) you are trying to convey and the deadlines.



Explore your industry and learn about your competitors. We do this to give you the best creative solution possible.



Sketch out different concepts and come up with ideas. Choose the one that best fits your needs for the task.



Layout the concepts in a way that will work for what you need. The proofs come to you to begin the approval process and give feedback. We make necessary revisions and complete the project.



Once approved, we launch your brand spanking new creative work. Sit back and watch the hard work pay off.



How many T-shirts did you sell? Is your menu selling the foods you wanted noticed? How much and what kind of traffic is coming to your website? Our work is never done after we produce. We check-in and learn from our products so that we can improve.

Process for Marketing Projects.

Focus on what matters most... growing your business.

Logo Design Six Key Elements

To design a professional and attention-grabbing logo, there are six key components to work out.  When all six of these elements are utilized, you will have a logo that has lasting value and catches the customer’s admiration. Contact me today to get your logo started.

1. Simplicity

Clear And Visible

2. Originality

Different Enough To Stand-Out And Be Remembered

3. Versatility

Works On All Mediums And Colored Backgrounds

4. Scalability

Adapts To Any Size

5. Balance & Proportion

A Well-Proportioned Design Will Strike A Balance Between Elements

6. Timelessness

Must Stand The Test Of Time